From Rookie to Pro! - Unleashing Your Cybersecurity Superpowers
2023-04-15, 19:00–19:30 (Europe/Ljubljana), P1

In a digital world teeming with cyber threats and constant technological evolution, the call for skilled and passionate cybersecurity professionals has never been louder. This presentation, titled "From Rookie to Pro!," is designed to inspire and guide students eager to embark on a thrilling adventure in the realm of cybersecurity.

Our interactive and engaging session will introduce students to the vast and diverse world of information security, showcasing how they can become real-life heroes by safeguarding valuable data and systems. Through captivating stories, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive activities, participants will explore the essential skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to succeed in this ever-evolving field.

We will also demystify the various career paths, certifications, and educational opportunities available, providing students with a clear roadmap to launch their cybersecurity journey. Moreover, the presentation will cover the importance of networking, mentorship, and utilizing online resources to develop a strong foundation in cybersecurity.

By the end of this presentation, students will be equipped with the inspiration, tools, and insights to confidently navigate the cybersecurity landscape, turning their passion for technology and problem-solving into a rewarding and impactful career. Get ready to unleash your cybersecurity superpowers and soar from rookie to pro!

Pentester and team lead at Viris